Breaking Free from Tradition: Documenting the Journey of Using a Participatory Framework to Design a Landing Page

I am a white, straight, cis-woman who began my web development career about 8 years ago at the age of 30. My personal design and development process is heavily influenced by a traditional process which typically consists of: interviewing the client to learn more about their company’s product or service, their audience of focus, their … Continued

Setting Template Defaults for Gutenberg InnerBlocks

While building a custom Gutenberg block that uses the InnerBlocks component, I realized that I wanted to limit the type of blocks that could be added and also set the default attributes for those blocks. For example, I wanted the “allowed blocks” for my InnerBlocks to include the image, heading and paragraph blocks, but for … Continued

Installing Sage Starter Theme in Local by Flywheel

I’ve been a web developer specializing in WordPress theme development for the last 6 years but my portfolio site has always been a simple site built with just HTML, CSS and some JavaScript. No fun, right? Of course I’ve been using more modern development tools at work, but I hadn’t had the time to take … Continued


First Post! Introduction

Hi, I’m Amber and I’m a web developer located in Seattle, WA. As I write this post, I am currently rebuilding my portfolio site using Sage starter theme by Roots. I will be documenting that process over the next few posts and once I’m done rebuilding this site, I hope to continue updating this blog … Continued