Building a Gutenberg Carousel Block with Tiny Slider JS

Like the Tabbed Content block, the Carousel Block is a custom block composed of a parent-child Innerblock pattern. The parent acts as the carousel wrapper, and the child blocks are the individual slides. Jump to see the finished project and source code. Block Environment Follow instructions for installing the WordPress-supported @wordpress/create-block starter block. Parent-child Set … Continued

Building a Gutenberg Block for Tabbed Content

Disclaimer: I am still new to React and Gutenberg block development, if there is a better way to code this please let me know in the comments. Otherwise, I hope this might help someone who needs to create a custom Gutenberg block for displaying a tab layout. Tab Block Demo: Table of Contents Basic Concepts … Continued

Setting Template Defaults for Gutenberg InnerBlocks

While building a custom Gutenberg block that uses the InnerBlocks component, I realized that I wanted to limit the type of blocks that could be added and also set the default attributes for those blocks. For example, I wanted the “allowed blocks” for my InnerBlocks to include the image, heading and paragraph blocks, but for … Continued

Installing Sage Starter Theme in Local by Flywheel

I’ve been a web developer specializing in WordPress theme development for the last 6 years but my portfolio site has always been a simple site built with just HTML, CSS and some JavaScript. No fun, right? Of course I’ve been using more modern development tools at work, but I hadn’t had the time to take … Continued


First Post! Introduction

Hi, I’m Amber and I’m a web developer located in Seattle, WA. As I write this post, I am currently rebuilding my portfolio site using Sage starter theme by Roots. I will be documenting that process over the next few posts and once I’m done rebuilding this site, I hope to continue updating this blog … Continued